I have created a guide for users who would like to bet on Horses. It can be very fun to bet on horses, and is one of the most popular sports to bet on! With festivals such as Ascot, Cheltenham occurring annually, it can create a huge sum of money! Cheltenham 2016 cost bookmakers £60 Million, and is one of the worst festivals for them to date. Bookmakers tend to make more money when the favourites lose, but this didn’t happen often at Cheltenham!

Horse Racing Guide

horse racing guide

Here are our five horse betting tips for beginners:

1. Know the Horse Race – There are two types of horse race, the first is Flat racing – the name speaks for itself – this is a standard race with no obstacles. The second is National Hunt racing, this type of race includes obstacles such as hurdles and steeplechases.

2. Know Your Bets – Along with the standard ‘to win’ bet, there is the very popular ‘each way’ bet, which is like placing two bets, one for the winner and one for the horse to ‘place’ in second, third, fourth or even fifth in some races. There are many markets to bet on, so do your research!

3. Know the Race Classification – All races have a classification, this determines the prestige, purse (prize pool) and the standard of horses. Flat racing uses Group 1 and National Hunt racing uses Grade 1, these are the top classifications with it descending in order of quality.

4. Knowing the Handicap – The Jockey Club sets the weight each horse must carry, a better horse will carry a heavier weight, so slower horses can compete against it.

5. Knowing everything else – If you’re going to pick a consistent winner, then you need to know the form, pedigree, trainer, jockey, ground, weather conditions, handicap, odds movement and more. It will take time, but you could make a tidy profit!